Guide to the Perfect eCommerce FAQ Page

Your eCommerce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or section is one of the most important elements of your online store.

Why? Because it is your first point of contact with your potential shoppers, answering any questions they may have quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, helps establish trust and can turn a looker into a buyer by easing their mind. And, if done correctly, can serve potential customers and shoppers at any stage of their purchasing journey.

What is an FAQ page?

An FAQ (Frequently-asked-questions) page is designed by the company to help customers understand their brand better without having to search the internet. Once customers see your landing page (where the FAQ section will be) they will scroll to read the most commonly asked questions about your product. 

Let’s understand this better with our own example – 

At Instamojo, we do not just have one FAQ page, just like how we do not have only one product. Over the years, our customer support team have compiled all the popular and most frequent customer queries and concerns – and bundled it all into FAQs