About US

What Is An About Us Page?

An About Us Page is a page on your website that tells your readers all about you. It includes a detailed description covering all aspects of your business and you as an entrepreneur. This can include the products or services you are offering, how you came into being as a business, your mission and vision, your aim, and maybe something about your future goals too. Your About Us page is your perfect opportunity to tell a compelling story about your business.

Even though an About Us page is one of the most important elements of a website, it is often one of the most overlooked elements. Compared to a landing page, an About Us page help you communicate a range of things:

  • The story of your brand and why you started it.
  • The cause or customers that your business serves.
  • Your business model or how your products are sourced/manufactured.

As an important part of your website your About Us page can set you apart from your competitors in a way that can build your brand in a positive way.